Payment Plan – if you decide to purchase a gown from New York Bride we take a deposit of £50, then we split the remaining balance into 3 payments over the following 3 months

Dress Bags and Storage – As soon as you have paid a deposit on a dress it is bagged in one of our breathable bags (at no extra charge) and then it is stored with us until you have finished paying for it. We store the dress at no charge for 6 months from purchase date, and if you require storage for longer than 6 months then we can continue to store it for a nominal fee

Trying on – If you wish to try your dress on while we are storing it, this can be arranged for any time to suit you on Tuesdays to Fridays

Steaming – Just before your wedding you can bring your dress back to be steamed for a nominal charge of £20 so that it looks immaculate and crease free for your big day

Questions, Queries and Wobbles – I am always on the end of the phone so you can call me if you want any questions answering, or if you just want a chat